Complete Body Care (pack of 4)

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face 4 pack 1.jpg
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Complete Body Care (pack of 4)


One each of our best selling soaps. Rooibos tea with shea butter, Moroccan red clay, spirulina shaving, and saffron!


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A grouping of four full sized bars for your complete skincare needs.

Rooibos tea with shea butter is perfect for sensitive skin, and makes an excellent face soap.

Saffron for brightening and toning, for normal to oily faces or just use as an all purpose body soap.

Moroccan red clay with calendula flowers for all skin types. Helps to absorb oils and impuraties from the skin.

Spirulina shaving soap so you can ditch the cream. Spirulina soothes while our blend of oils and bentonite clay helps work up a lather that makes shaving with bar soap a dream. Once you convert, you will never go back.

Listing includes 4 bars approx 4-4.5 oz each.

Due to the handmade nature of our soaps, size and weight and color may vary slightly. Mother nature is not uniform, but that makes things special!!