A child of the modern age, with crazy sensitive skin, I spent much of my youth shunning all soap and body products. During high school I began experimenting with different face masks made from anything my kitchen could supply: yogurt, avocado, lemon, oatmeal, you name it. As I progressed, I gradually became more informed and more methodical about making my body products. A bar soap girl at heart, I found myself trying to pack as much skin nourishment into every bar.

Bar soap is inherently the easiest, and most eco friendly skin care option. It packs well for shipment, and requires minimal packaging.  Because it is a solid soap, unlike lotions, or body washes, which contain water and require some kind of preservative to prevent bacterial growth, bar soap requires no chemical preservatives or otherwise yucky stuff. Our bar soap is also packaged without any plastic; the same can't be said of body washes or lotions. Plastic is a huge environmental problem, and we strive to help people make less plastic waste. Bar soap is a great way to do that!

Our cold process soap, is always "super fatted", which is a term that means some oil is left over during the soaping process. Most commercial soaps don't do this; thus, your skin is left feeling dry. We super fat our soap with the best moisturizing oils, jojoba, argan, evening primrose, and shea butter, just to name a few. The resulting soap is thus more moisturizing than commercial soaps, and much gentler on the skin.

All our soap is made in small batches, hand cut, and uses only natural, organic, wildcrafted and fair trade ingredients. Many of the herbs and flowers are grown by me, or if not, are purchased from sources that promise to harvest while doing right by mother nature.

All our salves are made with the same philosophy as our soap. Small batch and as natural as possible. Making salves are preferred to lotions, because all lotions are made with water, and thus require chemical preservatives to keep them from growing bacteria. Salves are made using only oil and wax, and, while they tend to take a little bit longer to absorb into the skin, we think that having an option that contains no chemicals is better than one that does. Plus, with salve, a little bit goes a long way!

Every batch is made, and packaged, with lots of love. I hope you enjoy!

Our Story

I'm Justine. I am the owner, maker, mover and shaker here at Brooklyn Soapworks. When I'm not making soap, or educating and exciting people about the world of wine as part of my day job, (night job rather), you can find me wandering around Brooklyn via bicycle, or hiking the lesser beaten paths in Prospect Park, with my dog, Maggie.  I love plants and flowers, and I spend a lot of time foraging, reading about herbalism, and generally trying to appreciate all that nature has to offer. Brooklyn Soapworks is a creative outlet, a labor of love, and I hope, a way to share the magic and power of plants with others. Everything is made, cut, poured, and packaged by me. There are a few less than square bars of soap, and you will sometimes receive handwritten tags, but I hope that the personalization puts a smile on your face, and the products make your skin happy. Lots of love, Justine (and Maggie).